Success with CHWs: Mental Health Services

Case studies

01somaliWomanLobbyLooking for Community Health Worker (CHW) program models? Here are a few to help you get started.

Integrating CHWS as Generalists in Primary Care Infastructure

This case study outlines how the Mayo Clinic integrates CHWs into their certified Health Care Home and aligns CHW capacities with the mental health infrastructure, including the DIAMOND, EMERALD and COMPASS programs. Download PDF

Community Health Workers in Mental Health: Lessons Learned for Training and Practice

This case study highlights the REACH NOLA Mental Health Infrastructure and Training project in post-Katrina New Orleans.  CHWS were an important part of efforts to increase access to mental health services for the underserved. Download PDF

Improved Outcomes for Correctional Clients

This article describes Hennepin County’s plans for utilizing CHWs to help clients with jail-to-community transitions. Download PDF

Community Health Workers within a Clubhouse Setting

In Ely, Minn., the Ely Community Care Team at the Northern Lights Clubhouse includes two CHWs who play an important role in member recovery. Download PDF

Promising Approaches to Integrating Community Health Workers into Health Systems: Four Case Studies

This article offers four case studies – in Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Ohio – of interventions that illustrate the challenges and opportunities for integrating CHWs into health systems.

Valle del Sol: A Model for Integrated Behavioral and Physical Health

As Valle del Sol has started to overlap between CHWs and other peer-support roles, including family support partners, crisis navigators and behavior coaches, they are working toward an integrated approach, connecting those roles to support one another and share resources for even greater success. Download PDF

"I started working with the REACH NOLA project in 2010. I would go out and knock on doors in the ninth ward. A lot of people were depressed after hurricane Katrina. I offered them options, such as going to the clinic to see a psychiatrist, which was not well received in the beginning.

At first, I found that many people were reluctant to seek treatment and thought that if they just went to their pastor and prayed, then God would heal them, but they weren’t getting healed. They were staying stuck in the same situation.

I then brought the pastor in to also encourage the clients to seek help from a psychiatrist to get some of their needs met. I helped connect people with resources and other people so they could move forward." — Angie Kirkland, CHW, Tulane Community Health Center

Learn more about the REACH-NOLA project (PDF)