Success with CHWs Asthma

Prepare your team

Once you decide to bring a Community Health Worker (CHW) on board, you will want to:

  • Explain to your team how the new CHW will strengthen the team
  • Formalize roles and responsibilities
  • Document the reporting structure, and when/where team interactions will occur

CHWs often fill gaps that other team members do not have the time or skills to address. Unlike others on the team, they may spend a lot of time visiting patients at home and in the community so their work may be less visible on a day to day basis. CHWs help clinical members of the team work at the top of their licenses.

Some reassessment and reassignment of tasks across the team is typical with the addition of CHW services as part of continuous quality improvement and performance management. As trusted and trained members of the communities that they serve, CHWs may serve as cultural mediators and resources to their teams.