Success with CHWs Asthma

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01schoolgirlpuzzleThere are many approaches to integrating a CHW into your care model depending on your current resources, needs and program goals. To ensure that a CHW is a good fit for your organization, you will want to develop:

  • Needs assessment (identify gaps that can be met by a CHW)
  • Sustainability plan that includes:
    • Financing
    • Credentialing
    • Evaluation

Check out the State of Minnesota CHW Tool Kit (PDF) for useful information and tools to introduce, organize and support CHW services. The Rural Assistance Center offers an online toolkit to help to evaluate opportunities for developing a CHW program and provides resources and best practices developed by successful CHW programs.

For helpful perspectives on CHW benefits and best practices, see:

Collect your thoughts

Download this note sheet to document the ways in which a CHW might benefit your asthma care team. Download (PDF)