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Profiles of CHWs

01_20141202_mnchcwa_085Community health workers (CHW) come from a variety of backgrounds. Working under many different titles and in many different settings, they bring their training along with their attributes and shared language, culture, and/or life experience to effectively provide culturally-competent outreach, patient education, navigation, care coordination, and/or advocacy to underserved individuals, families, and communities.

Meet a few Community Health Workers! You can find more Profiles here.

Meet Rhonda Lay

What drew you into the community health worker (CHW) profession? In the beginning I didn’t know anything about community health work but being a respiratory therapist who was now disabled, I was looking for something that I could do part-time and that would allow me to utilize my background as a respiratory therapist. The community… Read more

Meet Kim Artis

Kim Artis sits at a cozy kitchen table with a patient.

What drew you into the CHW profession? The position of CHW was an unintentional blessing for me. I say that because I wasn’t looking to do this type of work however, the universe said otherwise and it has enriched my life. I witnessed the lack of support, education and trust the community had for our… Read more

Meet Madeline Woodberry

What drew you into the CHW profession? If I can be honest, I was in need of employment and saw an opening and thought that the position would be interesting. After my first three visits is when I began to realize the importance of CHWs in my community. I never thought that I would be… Read more

Meet Melinda Banks

What drew you into the CHW profession? I applied for the CHW position because I was looking to make a career change outside of the U.S. Postal Service. I had no idea what this position entailed. All I knew is that it was an outreach position and I enjoy helping people in need so I… Read more

Hawa Jama

Hawa Jama

"CHWs help in the clinic by involving the whole team in the care of the patient including the parents and other caretakers. CHWs are able to spend more time with patients and their families than providers and nurses. CHWs send patient and family concerns back to the providers and link them to the appropriate community resources.

CHWs help improve asthma scores by ensuring that patients make it to their appointments. We provide appointment reminders and eliminate barriers that might prevent patients to come to their appointments, such as transportation and other issues as they arise."

— Hawa Jama, Community Health Worker, HealthPartners, St. Paul