Success with CHWs Asthma

Reach patients more places

01schoolbusCommunity Health Workers (CHWs) add value to your practice because they have the ability to carry out their roles “in the field” where your patients live, work, worship, shop and learn.

CHWs work in a wide variety of home and community settings such as:

  • Patient homes
  • Social services agencies and neighborhood centers
  • Mutual assistance associations
  • Affordable housing programs, services for the homeless
  • schools
  • Migrant health services and tribal health services

In these settings, they may help clients access needed services, complete applications to access benefits, and learn about preventive care and how to navigate the healthcare system.

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Anne Walton

A CHW can be the eyes and ears of the providers, and offer insight into potential challenges in the home or community support system that may be creating barriers to adherence. — Anne M. Walton, RN, AE-C, Asthma Care Coordinator/Research Nurse at Boston Medical Center

What’s a CHW home visit like?

Originally intended to help CHWs understand how to debrief a family at a typical asthma care visit in the home, this document contains a vivid and realistic play-by-play scenario of a home visit with a boy who has asthma and his family.

In this case the boy has not been taking his asthma medication. The scenario describes what the CHW might do next to help the boy and his family get back on track. Download the Advanced Medication Review Presentation (PDF).