Success with CHWs Asthma

About us

Success with CHWs is a multi-faceted educational initiative of the Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance.  Its purpose is advance health equity and the Triple Aim by providing practical tools and helpful resources that increase awareness and adoption of team-based CHW strategies, with an initial focus on Twin Cities asthma care and mental health providers.

This project builds on the findings of the Alliance’s 2013 East Metro CHW Business Plan development project, which explored barriers and opportunities to the introduction of culturally-competent CHW approaches identified by provider, payer and policy sectors in the Twin Cities.

To overcome barriers and build on a track record of successful CHW integration strategies, the Success with CHWs initiative includes:

  • Webinars and live learning sessions for providers
  • Online tools
  • Planning grants to build provider readiness and know-how to introduce CHW services through the use of the tool kits

Funding for Success with CHWs was provided by The Saint Paul Foundation and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Aligning Forces for Quality initiative.

We are also grateful to the American Lung Association of Minnesota for 2017 support to update our Success with CHWs Childhood Asthma microsite.

For more information, contact us.

What is MN CHW Alliance?

Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance (MN CHWA) is a nonprofit organization committed to healthier communities for all. Our mission is to build community and systems capacity for better health through the integration of community health worker strategies.

We build awareness, promote education, partner to integrate and expand access to CHW models, share research, and take action for greater impact. We provide information, networking, consulting and technical assistance services. To learn more, contact us.