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What is a Community Health Worker?

CHWs are health personnel who serve as critical links between their communities and the health care system. Learn more

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CHWs improve patient outcomes, lower costs, address disparities and bridge languages/cultures.
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Community Health Workers (CHWs) are an emerging workforce, newer to most “mainstream” public health and health care settings, but with deep roots in many communities.

Known by a variety of titles such as outreach worker, care guide, community health advisor, peer educator, promotora (in Latino communities) and community health representative (in American Indian communities), CHWs provide outreach, health education, care coordination and advocacy for underserved patients of all ages.

CHWs can help you improve the management of poorly-controlled childhood asthma and meet the Triple Aim by:

  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Lowering costs
  • Increasing patient satisfaction

According to the Community Preventive Services Task Force, CHWs play “an essential role” in the implementation of effective home-based asthma interventions for children and adolescents, “bridging the gaps between underserved populations and researchers. Because they are usually from the same community, community health workers can connect culturally with local populations and build trusting relationships with clients and their families. This trust often allows clients to disclose more health needs to community health workers.” Learn more.

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